Les Useres wine cellar is located in the beautiful region of Alcalaten (Castellon), in an area situated between the last foothills of Peñagolosa and Rambla de la Viuda, which form a small valley with an ideal climate for growing grapevines.

The wine cellar’s origins date back to 1960. Although in its foundation it was one of the smallest wine cellars in the area, the continuous effort, a lot of perseverance and patience, an ongoing investment and a willingness to do things right have kept it alive until today, after overcoming the difficulties of the varietal conversion of the old direct-producer hybrid vines in the province of Castellon.

Today, the society is formed by 86 vine grower members who cultivate the vines of a total of 135 acres of vineyard. These vines produce different varieties of grapes that are the base of their genuine wines.

Les Useres wine cellar has committed itself to the quality of its wines, and 86 winegrowers is the result. We control all the stages of production, from the cultivation and the wine harvest to the elaboration, bottling and commercialisation of the product, thus safeguarding the singularity of this wine.